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Full Outdoor Session

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This is the 2nd year we have offered our outdoor photo shoots that run from September through to Spring.

A £45 session deposit is to be made at the time of booking and the remaining £50 on the day of your shoot.

Each session lasts up to 1 hour, is open to babies and children of all ages and is available to sibling groups of up to three children including parents. The fee covers the session time and includes 5 high resolution digital images of your choice from a gallery of 15.

Everyone always asks us what to wear and that honestly depends on your own taste and what suits your children’s colouring/personality. For the best results we suggest dressing siblings in coordinating tones and our preference for the best final result are seasonal colours or neutrals as it keeps the focus on those cute little faces, also try to avoid patterns or logos.

The session times are strictly limited so please arrive at your allocated location and time, ready dressed with one outfit per child, it can be worth packing a few toys, some blowing bubbles and snacks (bribes :-)) in case they're needed.

BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Please email over your child/children's NAMES and AGES plus your contact number to, where a date a location will be firmed up, once agreed Click ADD TO CART below to book a session and you will be emailed payment confirmation

GROUPS: Please contact us for groups larger than three at before booking, we can’t promise that we will be able to accommodate large groups but we are happy to chat it through with you. We are sorry that these sessions are for your children only and do not include extended family.

Looking forward to seeing some of you over the coming weeks.

Victoria xxx

COOPERATION: Blue Bean Photography is not held responsible for the behaviour and temperament of parties involved in the shoot. If the desired outcome of your session is jeopardised by the behaviours of parties involved, then the studio cannot be held responsible. The client also understands that special requests are not binding instructions, although every effort is made to comply with the client’s wishes, cooperation from all parties is a must. In the event of uncooperative children at a session, Blue Bean Photography may not be able to capture any of the images the client may have requested or expected.